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Branch Insurance

Branch was founded behind a simple idea: insurance has lost its way.

When insurance first began to spread throughout the U.S., it was a truly communal product. Think farmers in communities all across the country putting money aside to take care of one-another should disaster strike. It was neighbor getting neighbor’s back.

When you look around today, that spirit’s gone, replaced with giant corporations competing to sell expensive policies that go up in cost every year.

We started Branch to restore insurance to its original intent: a force for communal good. By putting data and technology to work and harnessing the power of community, Branch makes insurance better and more affordable for all. We like to call it, getting back to getting each other’s back.

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We've had our home, auto and life insurance with Michael Cooper for years. My wife and I really feel like Michael and the team at Omega Insurance Group look out for our best interest and educate us on what we really need.Jeff C. & Jennifer B.Lincoln NE
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