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Helping you live a life well protected

Providing protection to help people achieve their hopes and dreams has always been Allstate's purpose. It's the why behind everything we do.

The world is unpredictable. When the unexpected happens, we'll be there to face it with you and provide protection to keep your life moving forward.

Creating the future of protection —

Our purpose isn't just about simple or affordable insurance policies. It's about people — you — above all else. To better connect with customers, communities and each other, we put people above policies and always look for ways to improve and adapt to meet your needs.

You decide when and how you want to do business with us, and we'll be there — today and in the future. We're always learning more about our customers, building better and more personalized products for what matters most in life, for every life.

With our core values guiding us, we're making positive changes. When we say "You're in good hands with Allstate," we mean it, and we always have.

Our values —

Integrity: a commitment to honesty, respect and trust

Integrity is non-negotiable. It's how we show up every day. We build strong relationships grounded in trust and transparency. We do the right thing — even when it's unpopular — because respect and responsibility go hand-in-hand.

Inclusive Diversity & Equity: where every voice matters

We celebrate our differences. But we know many individuals and communities have less access to equitable opportunities in the workforce and in life. We're working to change that.

$13 million

Since 2021, The Allstate Foundation has invested $13 million in seven nonprofits that support workforce development strategies to close the racial gap for thriving wage careers.


In 2022, 72% of the grants from Allstate and The Allstate Foundation went to organizations serving at least 50% people of color.

$386 million

In 2022, Allstate spent a total of $386 million on diverse suppliers, up from $235 million in 2020.


Collective Success: new and better, together

We can be innovative as individuals, taking smart risks and challenging standards, but we celebrate bringing new ideas to life together. Long-lasting success is all about collaboration and teamwork, putting the impact ahead of the individual.

Our behaviors —

Our purpose points us to our destination, but our behaviors help us get there.

Collaborate: Being united helps us reach collective goals and brings out the best in each of us individually. It gives us more opportunities to learn, grow and add value to what we do each day.

Challenge ideas: In a world where change is certain, we want to lead it positively. So we rely on the collective expertise of our employees to consider different options and create the best path forward toward progress — in our industry and beyond.

Provide clarity: When expectations are clear, goals are easier to meet. We're working together in new ways to make sure we know where we're going and the role we all play in getting there. To save time and focus on what matters most: helping people achieve their hopes and dreams.

Provide feedback: Every bold idea deserves the chance to grow to excellence. Candid, helpful feedback empowers us to keep making things better for our customers, our communities and fellow employees.

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We've had our home, auto and life insurance with Michael Cooper for years. My wife and I really feel like Michael and the team at Omega Insurance Group look out for our best interest and educate us on what we really need.Jeff C. & Jennifer B.Lincoln NE
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